Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sponsor Party

After all the balloon festivities, the Discovery Center hosted a sponsor night.

The balloon guys

A local artist painted pictures of each balloon guys personal balloon as a keepsake, I thought that was such a cute idea!

After dinner and the ceremony it was time for the fun to begin.

We have only been to the discovery center with Brielle, we really don't have time to play with the big people toys when she is with us so we took advantage and had a ball that night! Who knew the discovery center wasn't just for the kiddos!

Laying on nails!

Landon was excited ha!

Greg and Landon, best boss Landon's ever had by far!

Brad: "Hey Landon put your hands right here and let me touch your neck"
Landon: "ok"
and then he got shocked. Idiots!

That's 300lbs of anaconda right there people! Ok just 60lbs but that sucker was heavy.
Landon wants to know if he looks like Britney Spears ha!

Wheel chair racing, how wrong is that!

How long can you hang, the other guy cheated so he took the fun out of it!

It's pitching time! Brad and his crazy eyes...

Landon and his crazy eyes.....he did the best out of all the men by the way!!! He's got quite the arm!

Boss mans turn

and this is how you do it boys and still look cute doing it!

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  1. Diana I'm laughing out loud at Landon's giddiness in every single picture!! HAHA!


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