Monday, October 10, 2011

Part One, Hook'em Horns!

I bought Landon tickets to the OU/UT game for our 5 year anniversary. In my house when we were little my dad watched every sports game imaginable everyday all day! That can get super annoying and my mother always hated football because of that, well and so did I.
But lately I've decided I don't really hate football, I just never gave it a chance since I was brought up in that mindset. So since Landon loves college football and he isn't a tv freak who watches it 24/7 I wanted to try to like something he loves so much.
So I bought this book haha! Believe it or not it really helped me understand a lot of stuff! So I truly had fun at the game and I'm excited to start becoming a real fan of the sport! Even though baseball is way better and baseball players are waaaaayyy hotter(they don't get fat when they get older ha!)

This was the big weekend, we started out at the West End where all the action was, we ate at the spaghetti factory. We saw more fights almost get started there than we did outside!

First arrest of the night! "sir I didn't do nothin" he said as they walked by ha!

I don't know this guy

Landon catching some beads, apparently he got hit in the head somewhere around this time but apparently I missed it, bummer.

Ready for action

I'm dark headed again! I like it much better because my hair feels healthier and it isn't so darn tangley!

OU/UT fans dancing their little hearts out!

On the train heading back to our hotel

It's game day!

I have to admit, I got a little anxiety being in the midst of this huge crowd, how would we get out if there was an emergency!

What a sight! I've never been to a game like this so it brought tears to my eyes the moment I set foot into that stadium, what a rush!

I was a little obsessed with the band!

Me and My love! (I took two pairs of boots to wear and not a single person that took our pictures that weekend ever got my shoes! Come on people, don't you know you should photograph the whole person if they're wearing a cute outfit, I don't just throw on clothes without a lot of thought put into it and I want the whole picture!)

The half time show was so good and the band did an excellent job!

This was a longhorn but they changed positions so quick I had a hard time catching them all right when they formed them.

Elvis is back!

Look how cute Bevo is! I just wanted to pet him, they should've had a mat underneath him with OU on it for him to poop on!

The view of downtown from the very top of the stadium

Needless to say I was very sad we didn't win since it was my first game, but it won't be my last!
More to come............

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