Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cheer Texas Play Time!

Every Friday Cheer Texas has open gym....It's $5 and your kiddos can jump and play to their hearts content! I normally work Fridays but last week I didn't so I took advantage and joined several girlfriends there for some fun!
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Brielle's face of amazement!

James was super excited as well!

James' twin sisters, they are six months old.

The trampolines were in the ground so I didn't have to worry about someone falling off.

Rush doing his doggy tummy move from gymnastics

Sara and Rachel, they are so sweet.

Lauren and Parker
Oh the foam pit! That was sooo fun, B didn't want to jump in herself but she did like me tossing her in. (I wanted to fall in on "accident" it looked so comfy!)

We are totally having Brielle's birthday party here next year!

Hut Hut!

My sweet friends and half the kids, the other ones were running loose!

It was a blessed morning with my girl to say the least!

We stayed the whole 2 hours but she was tuckered out by the end.

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