Thursday, April 19, 2012

Visiting Mom

We headed to Dallas Friday for the weekend to visit my mom and attend a friends wedding as well.
Beautiful storm clouds on the way.

We stopped at DQ half way and got ourselves a treat.

And he said my picture looked creepy!HA!

She could not believe her eyes when she saw her Lita, Sheer Delight!

Late Easter Present

Saturday we got up and played in Lita's fountain.

We did some shopping of course and then headed to South Lake Square....SOOO pretty there.  It was like an outdoors mall but with lots of restaurants with patios (my fav)

They even brought B some pizza dough to keep her busy

She enjoyed!

You could see the fountain from where we were sitting.  Brielle headed towards the gate, opened it, looked at us and said "I'll be back in a minute" haha!!! Who does this child think she is a 15 year old who can take care of herself.....silly independent girl!

Cute little dog next door to my moms, reminded me of Abner.
That evening we took a stroll through the most beautiful walking trail behind my moms house!

It was a perfect night and I enjoyed some humidity, my skin has been sooo darn dry lately!


  1. I cannot believe how big she is getting! She just keeps getting more and more beautiful!


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