Monday, April 23, 2012

Enjoying Our Last Day

We were super happy finally see our girl in the morning.  We missed her so much especially after watching that sweet couple with their two girls!

My mom used to do our hair like this when we were little, we called it Cachumbo's in Spanish.

Lita got Brielle a swimsuit and swim cover up for when she visits her next time.

She just looks so grown up sometimes.

While mom was at work on Monday Brielle and I went on a stroll on the beautiful walking trail!
Brielle had only been to this trail twice, I thought I'd see if she know how to get there on her own so I followed her through the maze of the apartment complex.......and low and behold she found it.  Kinda scary, I can totally see her getting out and heading that way on her own.  I told my mom if she ever escapes she'd know where to find her!

We just sat by the water and talked about the duckies and soaked up some sun.
I live for those beautiful moments with my baby!
It was so peaceful!
Turtles sunbathing
Ready to go eat!  I love it when an outfit can be worn 2 year in a row!
We ate at one of my favorites our last night there

Ok so the burrito doesn't look that big in the picture but it was HUGE!

We had a wonderful time visiting mom and are super sad to have to head back home.

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