Sunday, April 1, 2012

First Cookout of 2012

Saturday night we had the most GORGEOUS weather we've seen in a looong time. Landon and I decided to get the family together to enjoy a cookout.
James, Brielle and Sherry Ann
Neely has finally warmed up to Grammy
Aunt Carol, always young at heart!
I couldn't let her swing alone now could I!
The original 3
My sister Sherry Ann and I
B helping Uncle Lin set up the game
Randy/Landon VS James/Sherry Ann...The Gann's won
Then it was Me/Carol VS Grammy/Landon
We kicked some tail!!! I had a good throwing arm that night! Landon didn't like that much ha!
I love beating him!
It was a perfect relaxing night....
I love getting together with our family's, nothings better than that!

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