Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Potty Time!

Well, It's that time...Potty training time! This post is waaaay overdo but we have been at it for two months and Brielle has been doing great. At 28 months old she decided to ask to use her potty, Landon thought he'd humor her and let her try, low and behold she went!!! We were beyond happy and proud. I had been putting off potty training cause frankly I wasn't looking forward to it, heard to many bad stories. I've just always felt that it shouldn't be that hard if the kid is ready, and I was right....It's been quite easy thank goodness!
This is her first time using the potty!  So glad my camera was charged!
Oh were we sooo extremely excited for her!
We went out and bought some motivating supplies, m&m's, stickers, Minnie mouse panties and a sticker notebook!
She loves her panties.....she put them on all by herself.
Five pairs to be exact. HAHA!  She's still got some baby rolls, makes me happy!

She has advanced so much in her potty training. 

She can pull her own panties down and use her little potty all by herself.

Then she will take it over to the big potty and pour it out.

Proud girl!

She will also get herself a reward.  We keep M&M's on the bathroom counter and she will pull her stool up and get only 1! If too many come out of the bag she will pick her favorite color and then put the rest back! Such a big girl, and that means minimal work for us, LAZY I know HA!

Stop laughing at my bottom, pull up's aren't as easy to use as they look when your only two!

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  1. Go Brielle! She looks like the coppertone baby in the last one!


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