Monday, April 2, 2012

Jessi's Shower

Our friends Brian and Jessi are expecting their first baby girl the beginning of May. I was a hostess at her baby shower this weekend.
I think I'm the only person that loves to eat fondant icing.
Mmmm Mimosas...a people can't judge you cause it's an acceptable early cocktail kind of drink! HA!
Landon went golfing with the dad to be and their other frinds so I took Brielle with me, she was sooo well behaved and everyone just ate her up
She got a ton of amazing gifts...all the stuff she would need with a new baby.
I'm in love with embroidered items, I wish more of Brielle's were.
She got bored so it was time to bust out a Dumbo movie
After the shower I wanted to go see the ducks and chicks at the feed store! Oh how I love just holding and loving on them! We were all dressed up and the guy looked at me crazy and said "ma'am they are dirty and might make a mess on you" I said "I don't care if they mess all over me, I just want to hold one!"
Someday when my kids are older I'll let them each take home a duck for Easter, and maybe one for myself!

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