Monday, April 9, 2012

Daddy's 74th Birthday!

Last week we had a family dinner for Daddy's Birthday

Daddys been going on and on about how many many years ago when he used to go to card shows he had found a box of a remake of old baseball cards he wishes he would have bought!  He just kicks himself for not buying them when he saw them. 
What he still doesn't get is you can find just about anything on line now a days!
Landon found those exact cards and daddy couldn't believe his eyes when he opened them.  He even cried a little, I've only seen the man cry twice in my lifetime! The other time was when he got Kasey a puppy for her birthday, that man does love dogs and Kasey his "little one"!

All the boys checking out Daddy's new cards, Neely checking out Landon cause she's obsessed with him!

I just had to post that my sweet girl went to work with me last week, it was for only 4 hours but she was so well behaved!  We have a girl quitting so I'm going to be covering an extra day here and there and my little helper will be coming along with me!  I have the best job and bosses ever I swear!!!  They said if it weren't for the Salon I could bring Neely with me too, I've always wanted to take my dog to work with me!
When I worked at Hollister I did take Neely up there a couple times ssshhhh, and my bird Peedy too haha!

Here we are taking our lunch break.

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