Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Easter Bunny Came!

Friday at Brielle's school they had an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos, she had sooo much fun hunting for eggs she had a potty accident on the playground ha!  When Landon picked her up the wind blew her basket out of her ands and eggs went everywhere! You'd have thought somebody killed Elmo, she was hysterical!  Dada saved the day and gathered all the eggs back up for her!

I've been holding out the past couple years on getting Brielle anything for Easter since she was too little to know anyways and it saved us a little money, but this year I couldn't wait any longer!  It's hard being a parent when you want to give your kid everything, they are just so sweet and deserve everything this world has to offer,  but I know I can't do that, I don't want her to be caught up in worldly treasures and feel like she has to keep up with others. 

My goal is for her to feel SPECIAL, not Spoiled!
Here is her gift from the Easter Bunny (mom and dad)...bubbles, stamps, a bunnie sippy cup(she loves cups) and DUMBO! 

Oh the smile on her face when she saw that Dumbo.
 She hugged him and proclaimed, "Hi Dumbo! I'm Brielle!"
Boy did Landon and I just about die! 
We couldn't stop laughing, it melted our hearts, made me want 6 more of these precious babies!!!


We took my daddy out for his Birthday dinner at Cracker Barrel and he got her this little chick fan that lights up, it was a hit and the blades are soft foam so I don't have to worry about her hurting herself!

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  1. This post was the sweetest! I just love that little girl!


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