Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter lunch was spent at my Aunt Yasmin's house.  It was a beautiful day out!

My cousin Sasha enjoys making creative things like me, she made these cute little rice crispy nests.
I almost made those as well ha!

I made these nests ...
Sasha almost made these as well haha, great minds think alike!

Brielle thinks she knows what Easter is all about!  She was ready too look for eggs all day, she's go the egg hunting thing down!
Someday she'll understand the greater meaning of this day!

Pasta bunnies and eggs, so cute!

Big ole fuzzy duck from Aunt Sherry Ann

Sherry Ann and Brielle

I got my dress at Plato's closet for $16 and my wedges (that have rhinestones all over the sole) at Goodwill for $6!!! Pretty proud of myself!

My Easter Cutie!

The adoration she has for her daddy is one of the things I've hoped for most in this life! 
I didn't do so well, only got 3 bucks

Sasha, Me and Sherry Ann.  It was kinda a lonely Easter, we were missing Mom, Kasey, Colt, Derrick, Natalie and Trent.

Brielle and Mimi

Tuckered out

I guess this means she had a successful day!

I've been thinking all day about Jesus death and what he did for us on the cross.
I'm overwhelmed with thankfulness.

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