Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter at Nonna's

Normally we have 3 to 4 Easters every year, this year was more low key and we only celebrated twice. Easter number 2 took place at my mother in laws.

She has this little entry way table that she loves to decorate for every holiday.  I love it!

Brielle's Easter present from Nonna

Rockstar family

Colton opening his gift from Brielle

After lunch it was egg hunting time, oh lunch was so good! 
I love eating over there, the ham was so tasty and juicy!

Did I mention I got my dress second hand for $16. 
It's originally from Express so you know it used to be $60!!!

And I got these awesome wedges at goodwill for $6!!! The top was already orange but not orange enough so I bought fabric paint and made them super bright, I accidently got it on the wedge so I went with it and painted the whole thing orange!

She enjoyed pushing her baby in the swing

and she enjoyed pushing Colt

When we finally got to see her Gigi she had goodies waiting there too!

Oh all this candy, she ate candy two days straight, that means I had a panic attack two days straight...I just kept telling myself it was ok and she's only gonna do this twice a year, Halloween and Easter.  I felt bad not letting her eat any when all the other kids did. 
Well I'm glad to say she didn't get sick from all of it but I am pumping her full of fresh veggie soup this week and fruit to make up for the candy!
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