Monday, July 2, 2012

6 Year Anniversary!

Landon and I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary on the 23rd this month.
We've been together 12 years's half and half....6 years dating and 6 years married!
God made this man just for me and I couldn't see my life any other way!  He has my heart forever and for always!  I've been struck by him from the first time I saw him walking in our high school commons area with his red and blue stripe polo and that sexy strut of his!  Then I heard his voice and about died....that's hot is all that came to mind haha!   He's my dream come true and the love of my life!

Did I mention how darn good looking he is!

and look at his fancy shirt he wore just for me!

 You know how many pictures it take to get a good one...these don't just happen ya know....

Now this is what normally happens!
and every once and a while I get a good action shot.

We ate at PF Changs for our anniversary dinner.  Our anniversary was very low key this year with all the moving and house hunting it kinda snuck up on us.  We usually take a small trip and don't do gifts...we'd rather spend money making some memories and getting away together than buying each other presents. 
We have however decided that every 5 years we'd do a big trip and a big gift.
But with that said the anniversary following a previous one with a big trip just can't hang!  I mean last year at this time we were on a cruise and  I got my purse which it's my favorite thing ever,
so it made this year a bit depressing lol!

Brielle eating quite well with her chopsticks

She watched us make lettuce wraps so she made herself one with the scraps that were left.

Proud independent little girl she is!

Happy Anniversary Landon Michael.....I can't wait to see what God has planned for us! Love you!

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