Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Visit to Kansas Part 1

We FINALLY were able to make a trip to visit my sister in Manhattan Kansas.  My brother in law Colton is stationed there at Fort Riley.
My other sister who still lives in Amarillo also met up with us so we could all be together again!
Brielle is a really great traveler.  This picture makes me laugh.."what do I do with my hands?" HA!

12:23....just had to take a picture...those numbers are special to us because that's the day Landon asked me out and the day he proposed!

Neely's a great traveler too!

We made it!!! Abner and Neely were so happy to see each other!

Kitty showed Brielle how to use her gumball machine.  She did really good all weekend and just played with them. Until the ride home...she swallowed a couple pieces when I wasn't paying attention.

My sweet Abner! I missed him so much, I just love my sister's dogs!
He' looks creepy in this picture I know! 

Saturday we headed to Kansas City for some shopping.  The boys visited the World War I memorial  museum while we spent all their money!  I had so much fun and bought lots of great stuff! 

My little beauty....she was so patient and let us shop all day.  

That evening we ate at a little hole in the wall place.  The guy who owns it is Jamaican and he is one of the cooks.  I love to try these types of places out!

Jerk Chicken, Ya Man!

You can totally tell that Brielle loves getting to spend time with her family, she thought it was hilarious to dip her little umbrella in her water and get Uncle Colty all wet!

Wouldn't they look great with a kid of their own!  Brielle needs a cousin dangit!!

We mustache you a question! 

After dinner we headed home and relaxed a bit......which doesn't mean much with this group!

Landon and Mack.  Landon's still a little mad at him for jumping on him on the couch and spilling his beer all over him.......like 2 years ago!


Uncle Colt showing Brielle how to be a sniper plane ha!

He tries to pretend he doesn't' like him.....but he does!

We gave Kitty an early birthday present since we weren't gonna be there on the 25th.

Sunday morning Kasey and Colt took us to the neatest donut shop.

There were so many cool ones to choose from! WAAAY better than donut stop!

A peanut butter and jelly donut, pretzel with caramel, candy sprinkle donut and red velvet!

They had this ginormous chalk board that we were able to play on!  Landon drew a very controversial so called "rocket ship" which was hilarious but may have been a little much to post here haha, but I did want to remember the moment.  Especially since he couldn't find an eraser and got nervous cause some little girls were about to come around the corner and draw haha!  Thank goodness he found a napkin!

80 ft of chalk board and she still manages to draw on the wall.

Our masterpiece.  Landon just loves to make fun of my big head.  He thinks he's so funny.

Since this is a college town we were able to check out the Fraternity and Sorority houses!

The Sigma Nu's
 normally their houses are kinda a disappointment but this one was cool!

I think it regulation that every Sigma Nu house must have a volley ball pit.

Now the Chi Omega houses are normally the most awesome...this one was ugly...but still big.

Me and my future little Chi O!!! She's considered a Chi Omega Legacy! Love it!

Almost got her to do it...she was afraid of falling off the wall.

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