Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kansas Trip Part 2

The second half of our trip started at Fort Riley.
Sunday afternoon Colt took us to see the base where he works.
Here we are......from the car ride Colt probably couldn't tell that I was really interested.
 (Kasey and I together = jokes, laughing and a little bit whining)
It was interesting though, I was excited to understand more about what he does and even though Brielle isn't big enough to understand it was important to me for her to be there and see what it was like, so she could be proud of her uncle someday.

Apparently they are getting rid of these...much too small and not good at withstanding explosions.

His Batallion.

So apparently they decided to open  an activity center for the army people.
 To no ones surprise it was a big hit.
These guys live and breath the army, it's nice that they have a place to go and hang out and just be normal!

Computers and video games.  They also had pool tables, a bar, theater room, a snack stand and a miniature room (where all the cool people hang out).....Colton can explain that one lol! 

Outdoor fancy grills.

This is where the general on base lives.

Team USA!

This is one of the tanks Colt has worked in.  He is the gunner, the one who aims and shoot the gun.  You can see his gun poking out of the front there. (That's what she said) 

Landon was a little worn out....and Abby was happy to cuddle with him and offer his company.

Wooly Bully and his sweet Jesus eyes ha.

We stopped at one of the coolest little lakes ever.  It was just beautiful...people can pull their trucks right into the shallow water and tailgate there.  We went on a cooler day but the water was soooo warm!

We would have loooooved this place as kids, there were fish and frogs and tadpoles everywhere!

Kasey caused a scene catching one of the frogs but it was worth it!  Sherry Ann would have hated this!

That evening we took a stroll through Aggieville.  We have no idea why they call it that.

We decided to eat at this taco place.

They write the special of the day on the outside of the building in chalk. Cute idea.

It was the cutest place...look at the awesome chandeliers and lights handing from the ceiling!

Love bright colors!

The appetizers were chips with pineapple salsa and black bean/raspberry dip, YUM YUM YUM!

The tacos were super delicious.  The only ones I've ever had are from Tangos Tacos in Amarillo, these blew them out of the water!

Brielle enjoyed the music!

Brielle got upset cause she didn't want to go home yet and Uncle Colt's such a softy that he took her to get some ice cream.

I had a delectable apple!

Oh she's happy now!

Before we left I had Kasey cut my hair.  It was so scraggly on the ends and it always grows at a point or duck tail we like to call it.  So ugly!

Ok so it's obviously wet in the picture on the left but you can still see how the ends are so thin and pointy.
The finished product is so much better.  We cut off  1 1/2 to 2 inches but I really can't tell and now it looks thicker.  We've decided that with our type of hair you can't texture looks thin and awful so a blunt haircut is best!

Little B on our way home....she does so very well in the car.  I'm so proud of her!
She took some gumballs with her and was putting them in her pink car....and that's when they made their way into her mouth and her belly ha!

Poor Neely, always the foot rest ha!

I just had to post this so I never forget all this cuteness.  We stopped and got a sandwich when we got home.  Brielle started to climb up on the car as we were leaving.  We were like "Brielle get down! What are you doing!"  She said "you need to take a picture" (Bless her heart I've brainwashed her).  I said "I don't have my camera" and she says "But you got a phone!" HAHA. 

You clever, clever girl....I sure do!

We had a great trip to Kansas! Landon and I really loved the little city they live was so pretty with lots of trees and lots of neat things to do as a college town would.  It was hard to leave and my heart was super heavy and I was a little depressed.  I wish so bad to all live close again someday.  Family makes everything just that much more great!

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