Thursday, July 5, 2012

Using Our Imagination

I love living in a big city with tons of things to do....but I also value the quietness spent at home and I see value in that.  I don't want my children to think we always need to be going somewhere or doing something or spending money.  My sisters, cousins and I grew up using our imaginations and we were quite good at it.  We loved to play outside and sitting in front of the tv playing video games just wasn't something we did, maybe cause we were mostly girls..who knows.  We just loved to make up our own games and think up fun things to do.  I want my kids to be that way too, I don't want them tucked away in their bedrooms watching tv all day.
I went out and bought some things Brielle could play and explore with.
I'm not one to just sit on the ground and play with nonsense toys and things.  Not to say I don't I just get really bored. I like to have good quality time with B everyday where she has my full attention.  I'd much rather do that by having something creative to do or something that encourages learning while still having fun.
So I have to find activities that will keep us both interested haha

I bought some foam and toothpicks at Walmart so Brielle could build with them.

We added a slide for the wonder pets.

She was thrilled to death!

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