Monday, July 2, 2012

A Little Artist

Our day could not be spent sprawled out on the couch!  It was time to bust out the paints!

I bought a couple extra noodles at Walmart the other day and cut them up.

Poured some paint in some bowls and tada!

One happy girl!


She did of course need a bath after all that painting.....but since we weren't in a rush we made that
a big ordeal as well.  I mixed some paint with shaving cream.

Then I put her in the bathtub and let her go to town!

She's not one to like getting messy.  It took a lot of encouraging to get her to use her hands but she didn't like that at all.  I told her it was ok to get messy sometimes but that made no difference, she insisted I clean off her sweet little hands.

 I was a little worried the grout would get stained but to my surprise it didn't.  
We will be bathtub painting again real soon!

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