Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Landon And All His Girls!

We wanted to show the girls our house we are planning to buy so we drove to Flower Mound and ate there as well. Bless Landon's heart, he is literally surrounded by girls all the time with a wife, daughter, female dog, mom, sister, step mom, step sister, and 3 sister in laws haha!

Mermaid time!!!

We watched this documentary before Kaytie came.....I showed it to her when she got here and needless to say it was our topic of the weekend.  I got a pretty awesome video of Kaytie being a mermaid but she'd kill me if I posted it.  I will save it forever though for my own enjoyment! Ps, I know believe in mermaids!

On our last day together we spent some time in Southlakes square.  Kaytie and I pretended we wanted to eat at the Cheescake Factory (we do love that place) but really we just wanted to do a little shopping at Lola's one of our favorite new stores!!!

The balloon man.  He was good.

In awe of her prize!

She asked for a Dumbo of course.

Juquitas lettuce tacos, never heard of this but they looked scrump-dilly-uptious!

Kaytie was beside herself with a goat cheese, beet and artichoke meal! That's why she's so different ha!

Before she left we had to play one more trick on Landon........

She did get all the way in and scared the bajesus out of him ha, wish I had caught his reaction on camera.
It was a great weekend and I love every minute of getting to spend time with my sweet family!
Landon's comment when they left was "I was glad to have all my girls here"

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