Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kaytie and Nonna Come To Visit

My sister in law Kaytie came and stayed with me last week. We were so excited to have her all to ourselves!  When she got to town one of the first things we had to do was go visit the Colemans and introduce Kaytie to the new baby.

We met everyone at Chicken Express of course.  The Coleman's new place of business!

The man of the hour and the best waiter we'd ever had!

On our way to their house we passed this field.  Kaytie starts yelling "A HIPPO! A HIPPO! Turn here!"  I was like "what the heck?" but secretly wanted there to be a hippo!  We couldn't pull around and get a good view so we assumed it was a huge pig. Kaytie still thought she saw a hippo ha! 
The kids got to play and Emily and I got to tell horror stories about birth and babies. Needless to say Kaytie will defiantly not be having kids anytime soon!
Brielle teaching Levi how to drink with a straw.

Little Levi showing us his lion roar.  He has to crouch down to get himself ready!

Sweetest little lion I've ever seen!

On our way home, turns out the hippo was a cow.  Go figure.

We got home and the major munchies so we made a run to the store.

This is what happens after too much sugar!  Mermaid time!

It's like having a sleepover with your friend when you were little.  We were so giggly and didn't know why,
 I just love Kaytie and feel blessed to have a sister in law I get a along with so well with and love so much!
Landon's mom flew in that night to spend the last two days with us.
 They were a bit tired of mine and Kaytie's shenanigans ha!

I took the girls to the downtown aquarium.  There was a guy playing a saxophone.
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was the song of choice, it was cute.

The monkey had a beard!

I would die for one of these. They were literally the size of my fist! Where can I get one!

Oops, stood a little close to the air conditioner, Marilyn Monroe moment.

Kaytie could be in a hair commercial in this one!

Juquita likes to collect smashed imprinted pennies.
Lucky for her they had one of those machines at the aquarium.

Shopping, Swimming, Eating, Aquarium, Magic Mike.....who wouldn't consider this a fab weekend!

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