Friday, March 1, 2013

Nonna and Gramps Come To Visit!

My mother in law and her boyfriend came to visit us a couple of weekends ago.
I don't know if B was more excited about her Nonna or her Valentines gifts!

First thing on the agenda was exploring the Gaylord.

We visited during Christmas time but it looked completely different without all the decorations.  There was a lot we missed, didn't notice or get to see last time.   We were excited to discover some new things about it.

The "man" room.  Good thing the boys didn't find this last time or Emily and I would have probably been left to take the kids through the ice exhibits ourselves ha.

This whole side was Mexico themed and looked like a mini river walk.


This tree was a replica of one like it (can't remember where the real one is)
anyway it was HUGE but still only half the size of the real one.  If you destroyed it, it would cost you $250,000 to replace it yikes!

Brielle has a "silly" face she does and Nonna was trying to pull it out of her lol!

Everyone hold Mickeys hand!

We spent the rest of the day at the Galleria.  I scored a pair of $90 leopard pants from Cache for $22!!!

I already can't do as much as I used to......I fell asleep on the drive to the mall.

That evening we thought it would be fun to head to Uptown and ride the trolley.

This is her story, pretty neat.

Isn't the driver the cutest!  He was the grumpiest old thing though ha!
12 cents!!!

We stopped at a place we'd never tried before called Jakes grill (or something like that)

Dear Lord my meal was just what a pregnant girl needed!
That's not ranch my friends, that's marshmallow creme dip for my sweet potato fries!!! You better believe I had her bring me an extra cup full of it!  Kasey you would have LOVED it!

Since I love the shops at legacy we thought we'd show them around
 and walk off our previous splurge of a meal.

We walked down by the water and there were some people setting up a display of some sort.   I asked what they were doing and the mother said that her daughters boyfriend was going to propose there, that was one of her favorite spots and she loved Christmas lights so that was the theme of the decor.
I got soooo excited just thinking about what the girl was about to experience in just a couple hours!
As we walked away I looked back and for a moment tried to imagine myself as her, seeing it all for the first time and wondering what it was all about!

After much walking, deliberation and 2 hour waits we finally found a dinner spot.

It was perfect Landon thought.....

They sat us down in their huge bar lounge chair area...way better than a waiting area. To my jealously everyone ordered some fancy drinks.

The waitress suggested I get something equally a fancy without the alcohol, I was just gonna go with water but my sweet hubby insisted I get something fun.

By golly am I glad I did!!! They had several non alcoholic drinks that were supposed to be phenomenal   The one I chose tasted just like a mojito!!! So incredibly goood!


Nonna and B enjoyed drawing and playing games until our food arrived.

My I didn't eat the eggs since I'm not supposed to have soft eggs (I believe)

Juquita and Kyle had got us tickets to watch the Stars play some hockey.  

Baseball and Hockey are about the only sports I enjoy going to and watching....well and dog shows of course but Landon's says they aren't a sport, which I believed I remember the announcer for the Westminster Dog Show saying something along the lines of it being the best sport ever played!!!
Landon about lost his mind when he heard that ha, I agreed though!

We got there early which was great for me cause I totally fell asleep while sitting in the stands waiting for the game to start.  I have a feeling being pregnant and getting old feel a lot alike!

We had the best weekend!  Juquita and Kyle we are soooo happy we got to have you all to ourselves and thanks for all the fun and laughs!  It was a busy weekend and needless to say my pregnant self need all of Monday to recover from it ha.


  1. I laughed out loud at the dog show sport comment and the fact that you fell asleep in the stands!! Brielle looks so grown up in all of these pics!

  2. I'm so jealous you have all those fun places at your disposal! Makes me miss living there so much! You look awesome by the way, just glowing and your bump is the cutest!! :)

    1. thank you lauren! We are enjoying all there is to explore, we miss you guys!


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