Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Pole Dancing Anyone?

I've got a couple different groups of friends here in Dallas.  We try to have play dates and girls nights ever so often.  My friend Melodie arranged for us to take a pole dancing class one night.  I always wanted to do this but was so nervous, I'm hate dancing and look like such a goof when I do so I was worried I was just gonna look awkward.

We may or may not have had some wine before we went.

We may be mommies but we know how to have fun!

Low and behold it was super fun and informative and they make it easy for you to follow the steps.

My other group of friends do not have any kids.  We try to meet up at least once a month for happy hour, it is so nice I tell ya.  I need evenings like this and I love getting dressed up for anything!  We found this cute little place with great drinks and a live band.

Then afterwards we had some Mexican food.  So glad to have these ladies to get me outta the house!!

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