Monday, May 18, 2015

No Time for House Work

Isn't this every woman's dream???

So since work has gotten extremely busy with everyone jumping on their New Years resolutions to lose weight I've gone from working 9 hours a week to almost 40.  The extra spending money has been fabulous but my house has suffered.  It was a super big mess for about a month straight. 
Our craft table was the worst since that's all Brielle cares to do.

And what's the point of picking put when someone goes around spreading cheerios all over the place and who knows what else he got into.

Picking up with kids in an hourly chore, but they are oh so sweet.

Took the kiddos to the gym before we headed up to visit Dad at his new location and office.

Checking the place out.

Hason made a B line to the popcorn.  Of course he did.

Dad in his new office he no longer has haha.  That's right a couple months after his promotion he found a job he couldn't turn down and left.  It was hard for him to say goodbye because these were the people who gave the guy from Amarillo a chance and we will forever be thankful for that.  Nice thing is they told him he can always come back.  His bank in Amarillo said the same thing but we are happy to know now that if he did (God forbid) ever lose his job we wouldn't have to go back to Amarillo, he could go back to his previous employer here ;)  I know it's our home town with special memories but you'd have to drag us tooth an nail back there to live, sad but true.

She's just so pretty on the inside and out.

We ate lunch at the cutest little diner.

After saying by to dad we ran off some of that ice cream.  I am always thankful to have activities the kids can do to burn off steam, one of our favs is open gym at Brielle's gymnastics.  

I've had this outfit since before I had a boy.  Was gonna give it to someone as a baby shower gift but couldn't bring myself to part with it.  I just think it's so precious and cuddly.  Hason may hate me one day for it ;)

Does this kid love the toy isle or what.  We aren't used to this, Brielle never really asked to go look at toys or buy any for that matter. Hason holds up everything he can wanting us to open it.  Don't think because of his small size that he doesn't try to get the big toys as well, he grunts and uses all his force to get them off the shelves.

I mean Lord help us..

Good thing he's so incredibly unbearably cute.

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