Friday, May 8, 2015

Date and Wheels

I'm on a role today!! Finally sat down to update this lil ole blog.  There's no stopping me now!  Only 17 more posts to go, seriously though.
Landon and I kinda had an impromptu date night.  We were sitting on the couch and he was telling me again how cool it would be to have some sweet rims for his car.  I'm normally good at keeping secrets but felt like telling him.  So I said "you want your birthday gift now or on your actual birthday then?"  He was like "NO! you don't need to get me those"  I could tell he felt bad I was planning to get him such an expensive gift.  But once he saw my stubborn Colombian brain was set on getting him rims and there was no changing my mind he quickly went from feeling bad to surfing the web for the perfect ones haha.  Didn't take much :) So we called up my mom and asked if she would keep the kids the next day so we could go pick them up.

The Plano mall was on the way so we had the brilliant idea of Landon dropping me off so I could do an hour of shopping while he picked up his gift in another city.

Listening to an awesome podcast my sister recommended to us.  

I scored the most stylish sweater on this particular trip and a couple of going out dresses.
That night we came home dropped off the rims then headed to Denton for dinner.  Denton is the place to drink man!  It's a college town so it's cheap unlike Uptown where we normally go, but of course you forfeit the fancy dressed people for a few hipsters but we didn't mind :)

They had a Bloody Mary bar!!  Landon and I are a fan.

He hates me cause I insist we sit on the same side of the booth.  We have done this our whole relationship and I love it.  I like to be close so I can touch and hug and kiss him.  He calls me a class 5 clinger :P  

He only pretends he hates it :)

Then we had a friendly game of shuffle board.  I kicked his tail in this game!!!  He gets this  look on his face I can't quite explain.  He shoots me this look with a halfway grin, trying to pretend he's mad but really he's impressed with me :)  It is so cute and sexy!  I love it! I need to catch a picture of his cute "look" one day.

He got me here but still not as good a win as mine!

The next day he couldn't wait to get his wheels on.  The new one is the one on the front. 

A man working in his garage doing manly things is always hot!

Of course little honey had to help dad.

Before and after!! They look so good.  I am a girly girl but I love sports cars and can appreciate a nice pair of chrome rims.  These are mine and Landon's favorite style of wheel.  What couple has a favorite style of wheel let alone like the exact same one haha. 
They love riding around the neighborhood in dad's car with the top down.

Look mom I can see birds! 

Oh and I must mention while I was working all these extra hours back in February and March I bought myself a little something.  I have been swooning over this bag since she first appeared on Newlyweds years ago.  I'm so in love with her ha!

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