Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Que Bella

She loves her a good tea party!

So this happened the other night.  Landon and I were sitting in the upstairs playroom watching tv when all the sudden the lights flickered.  We figured on of our bulbs in the kitchen finally went out.  The next day I noticed something on Brielle's light socket and when I touched it it sparked!  I bout flipped out, she had stuck her flattened penny from Disney behind her night light.   Thank you Jesus for protecting our family.  The socket was all black as well, that could have easily become a fire in her room.  What scares me most is that Brielle rarely does stupid things like this, but Hason, well that's another story.  I'm so worried about the dumb shenanigans he is gonna get himself into!

Finally got my sewing machine going again, that thing jams on me at least once a month I swear.  I had this super hot dress I wore when I was preggo with Hason.  I took it in on the sides and at the bottom so I could wear it as a party dress. I love how it turned out.  Yay for versatile clothing!

This cute and his hats!

Taking a walk around the a trail in Plano

Hason and one of his fits...

We walked off so many calories we decided to replenish them.  This boy loves him some hot sauce and chips, doesn't matter how spicy, he'll wine a little then keep at it.

This meal was only like 300 calories!

And now we get to who this post is all about.  My cousin Natalie got a new puppy, her name is Bella which means beautiful and she sure is!   She looks like a baby bear :)  I finally got to meet her and I love her!

Mark likes his new grandog too, kisses!

Natalie's a very responsible pet owner and all about socializing and training a dog to be obedient, so I know she will be a good dog!

We have no idea what she is but have some guesses.  We will see what she looks like when she gets older.

Lord help us with this kid who had no business getting into my mascara. 

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