Friday, May 8, 2015

Animal Kingdom

Our last day was spent at Animal Kingdom.  Honey bear didn't miss a beat that whole trip.  She kept up with us and probably did even better than we did,  I know I was pretty tired by half day everyday!

  If you know me you know that I hate athletic shoes, so they were not an option for me to wear.   I don't like them for me or for the kids unless we are going the park, it's recess day or I am working out.  I tell ya my combat boots were my comfiest shoes I took.


 I wanted a picture of just me and Pluto cause I have one from when I went to Disney when I was little.  It's one of the only moments I remember from when I went.  My mom has it somewhere but I haven't had a chance to find it to do a side by side comparison.

Finding Nemo quite a pretty show!

 This was probably our rainiest day and spent a lot of it in our rain jackets.

I want to be in the Lion King show!! The costumes were beautiful!

I thought this was pretty neat, they have a vet clinic/operating room that's completely windows so you can actually see them working on the animals!  They even do live surgeries in there. We didn't get to see anything unfortunately.  Here they are talking about this sea turtle they operated on and saved.  

On the Safari ride we learned that these trees only blossom a few weeks outta the year and the remainder they pretty much look dead, but they aren't, they are actually full of water!  Thought that was pretty interesting, it's so creepy looking.

Our last stop was meeting Safari Mickey and Minnie.

We cannot say enough about how magical this trip really was and how perfect everything went.  I mean perfect!  Normally there's some kind of hiccup but not this time.  When I first got there how I wished my sisters and mom could have been there too.  They were the ones I grew up with watching these shows.  It would have been so great to share this experience with them too since it brought back so many childhood memories :)  
We left with a feeling of such gratitude and thankfulness to have had the opportunity and money to do this.  I think people all to often forget that the usual things in life we get to do are not so usual to everyone.  Sure all my friends take their kids to Disney, it's what we do.  But what about all the thousands of kids around the world who don't even have food, Disney isn't even a dream for them.  I try to never forget that even the little things we have are luxuries.  Anytime we get another car or take a trip or splurge on something we want I feel so humbled to have even had the choice to do so.  Thank you Lord for this beautiful life we have, we couldn't ask for anything more.

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