Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Snow Days

We had quite a few snow days this winter.  They don't lie when they say Dallas shuts down for snow, even the tiniest bit gets school cancelled, it's such a joke.  But they did lie when they said Dallas doesn't get snow, we've been here almost 3 years and every year it's snowed and if you know me you know I'm not a fan of snow or cold.  We spent a lot of time at my parents since there was nothing else to do but be with family.

Homemade healthy pizza, I think it was better than any store bought stuff I've tried.  

We left the kiddos overnight with their Lita.

My cozy work view.

The mall of course is also a great place to go when you've been cooped up.

We have this delicious brunch place near our house.  The serve up all kinds of fresh food and fresh fruit juices.  Of course I get their healthiest meal, hashbrowns smothered with cheese.

I finally got over my hate for snow and decided to be a "good" mom like everyone else and take them out to play in it.  My mom joined us two cause she was always good about playing with us in the snow and made the BEST snowmen!

Hason doesn't like snow either.

The Gann Family, like my statement necklace? 

The Eskimo enjoyed the spare carrot noses

Snowball fight!

When dad got home we went out to eat and then chuck e cheese.

I don't know why it's take me 5 years of parenting to figure this out but putting a babies jacket on backwards makes it 100 times easier putting them in their car seats!  Since they aren't supposed to wear poofy coats in their seats you can just slip it off once they are in the car.  No standing out in the cold trying to get it off of them, then putting them in the seat. It's genius I tell ya!

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