Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Valentines 2015

Since I'm so incredibly behind on blogging cause my computer hates me and refuses to upload pictures properly, I am going to combine anything that has to do with Valentines into one LONG post :) Bear with me!

Bubbles were our Valentine cards this year...

The hundredth day of school also fell around Valentines so Brielle had to decorate something with a 100 somethings.  We chose to embellish Belle's dress with about 80 something flowers and jewels, but who's counting :)  I swear sometimes the project's and themes are just too much and I know when I'm in over my head.  Brielle wasn't into dressing like an old person for the 100th day of school and I completely forgot about  it till the day before.  I don't like to do things half "A" and so since I didn't have time to prepare to dress her like an old lady, we skipped school that day haha.  I know mom of the year but I also know my limits and I wasn't going to stress myself out about something so silly.

But we did get her V-Day box decorated.....

Their teachers had us write our kiddos love note to be read out loud in class.  I tell ya we had a gazillion projects to do that week!

This boy will carry his food around all over the house ever so carefully without spilling a thing....

Just look how nicely he set that down....

"Eat" he says...

I got the kiddos this fun toy for love day.... I thought it would be to kiddie for Brielle but perfect for Hason but boy was I wrong.  That thing takes off!!! There is no way Hase can ride it himself haha, but B loved it!

He found another use for it at least.....

Opening VDay gifts from Nonna, they were so excited (ok I was) that we couldn't wait till after bath time ha!
Landon always likes to take care of the Valentines gifts around here.  It's the one holiday I can sit back and not have to worry about presents. (she was disappointed here that I got the Frozen bag, Landon got mixed up and put hers in the cupcake bag haha, not a good thing to get mixed up about dad)

She got over it quickly....

Waiting patiently for his...

Even though he knew I was a on a diet and preparing for a summer bikini he still went and did this.  I enjoyed it though ;)

Before Brielle's Valentines party we stopped at the gym so I could get a workout in.

Next we went to library time.  
High five friend!

He is so bad at library time.  He can hardly sit still and is the only kid every week who throws a giant fit at least once while we are there and the class is only 20-25 minutes long!  I think it's good for him to go but man is it testing my patience and stresses me out to take him.

I see that sneaky look in your eye.

I mean he's rolling around, playing with trash he finds on the floor, anything but paying attention.

Every week there is a surprise box.  The teacher walks around and lets each kid touch the surprise.

Then it was party time!

They set their boxes in the hall and one by one put their Valentines in there.

My cutie!

She said it was an Eskimo cookie :)  Totally looks like Neely if you ask me.

They played the most clever little game, a bunch of toys and candy were laid out on the table then the kids were given chopsticks and whatever they could pick up was theres to keep.

Brielle and her friend Kate had matching shirts.

Papa Lou stayed at my house while Hason napped so we could enjoy our party in peace ;)

This kid is so bad I tell ya (ok not really both my kids are pretty easy) but he's such a monkey!
My love day attire.  I adore my polka dot hose my sister Kasey gave me.  She knew I'd been wanting some forever!

Have I ever mentioned I love holiday themed outfits.  Oh I have? 

Since Valentines landed on a Saturday I really wanted to do something.  It's normally pretty low key around here and I normally cook a Vday themed dinner.  We felt bad asking my mom to keep the kids since she had just kept Hason for us while we were in Disney so we called up our Cousins and made a family date.

How much is that doggy (cawkie) in the window.  I would have died if Landon ever got me a puppy for anything!

I mean how fun was our night!  The mall was the perfect place to meet cause we could mess around till our table was ready and the kids wouldn't get bored.
I love these people!

I so love this picture.  We are blessed with beautiful healthy sweet babies who love each other.

This picture makes me laugh, looks like we took over the whole mall, or the isle at least and we only have two kids each! Can you imagine the spectacle if we had more!  Actually I think Emily and Trent need at least one more.

My Valentine.

We ate at the Cheesecake Factory, one of my favs!  Could the cheesecakes be anymore giant.  Brielle ate so much that night, just as much as Landon and I for sure haha.  Let's just say the grocery bill in the Gann house is super expensive since both our kids eat like grown adults.

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