Friday, May 8, 2015

Universal Studios

Day 3 was Universal Studios.  I have to say that nothing holds a candle to Magic Kingdom. 

Brielle wanted to wear her beautiful Anna dress from her Aunt Emily on this particular day because she knew we were going to see the Frozen sing along.  This is another dress that lights up and sings, it's just precious.

Landon and I were really really impressed with the shows, we expected to main ones to be magnificent but wow, there were ALL incredibly good! All. Of. Them.

My favorite part in the Mermaid show was the dog that came out at the end.  He looked so life like!  You can kinda see him on the rock below.

Beauty and the Best was beautiful and the loves songs are my favorite Disney songs.  Yes I cried when it was over.

One of my sorority sisters just so happened to be there the same week we were.   We didn't end up using those fast passes we received at Magic Kingdom for getting stuck on the ride, so I made sure to meet up with her so they could have them. Those things are like GOLD!

My favorite place in Universal Studios was the Pixar area.  I sooo wished my cousin Derrick was there.  His favorite movie was Toy Story growing up, he had the bedding and all :)  He would have loved this!

I heard if you yell "Andy is coming!!"  these guys drop to the ground.  Probably not true but I wish I would have asked some witty questions to the princesses and characters.  

The inside of the Toy Story ride was on point!

This ride/game was LEGIT!  Our absolute favorite!  We rode it 3 times.

Landon's favorite part of that day was the car stunt show.   It was cool,  I am so enthralled by people who have unique jobs.  "so what do you do?"  "Oh, I'm a stunt car driver for Disney World" I mean could you imagine!  The ratio of cool jobs to regular ole jobs is way to low in my opinion.

Brielle liked Lighting Mcqueen's appearance, the loud noises made her a bit nervous but overall she did great.

It's pizza planet! How cute is that.

Mom and Dad had to stop and rest their feet,  little honey bear waited ever so patiently while playing with her fairies.  She's such a well behaved kid I tell ya, always been easy to take anywhere!

Next was the long awaited Frozen sing along.  I have to admit the show wasn't that great and Olaf didn't even make an appearance, what?!  But the commentary's  were hilarious and made the show!

Brielle enjoyed it though and that's what matters most.  They even made it snow at the end.
We left pretty early this day.  There really wasn't much else to do and we were exhausted!

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