Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy To Have All 4 Of Us Together!

From the moment we arrived in Florida we knew we made the right decision not taking Hason.  I missed him so much and was SO EXCITED to see him!!  You should have seen him when I walked in the door!  His whole face just lit up.

I missed my cuddly beautiful little one.

Showing me what he made me at school for mothers days.  I  feel very blessed to have my mom who watches out kids for us when we go on trips.  She is very involved in their lives and treats them as if they were hers.  I don't worry a second when they are with her.  She also feeds them really healthy, that's a huge plus to me.

We spend the weekend just hanging out and soaking up our little family of 4 again.  Another thing I love about vacations is this man growing out his facial hair.  Don't get me wrong, a full on beard is a turn off to me but 7 day scruff, now that's SO sexy :) (this pic cracks me up, he turned to say "what are you doing" and I captured him mid sentence making a gophery face ha)

We really enjoy taking walks as a family.

Chips, Queso and Margs, why not.

Please Jesus let them love each other this much always and forever!  That would truly make my mom heart sing for them to be this close in their 30's :)

Head.... We are working on learning all the body parts.

What a beautiful Minnie Mouse.

He's a mess, such a mess....

The bad part about him growing out his facial hair is when he shaves it off he likes to experiment with mustaches and such.  So ugly! HAHA!

Oh and we missed our pootie too, I swear she doesn't sleep well when we aren't there so she seems real tired when we get home from vacation.  Poor lil Esk.

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