Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Family Date Night

My cousins dogs are so cute, they apparently love to play like this all the time.  I love it when dogs play.  Neely has always been too mature and too cool for wrestling around.  At least she swims though, I always  love a dog that loves the water as well. 

We planned a date night with my Aunt, Uncle and Mom.  I saw this cool looking place one day and made a note "pinned it" to go there soon.   It's called Towers Tap House, it's right on the water and next door to the wake boarding park so we got to watch people wake board.  Their patio is FAB!

After we went for Ice Cream.  I bout died when Landon got tongue tied and asked for the chocolate chub bahahahaha,  the guy behind the counter was amused too.  

Everyone slid into the booth and when my aunt realized she wasn't sitting next to her love she wasn't having it. HA! She be climbing over the seat like a kid.

The next morning we met back up for church with everyone and then lunch at mommy and daddy's favorite, Texas Roadhouse.  We like to stay away from restaurants like that cause there are so many new ones we would like to try but hey, we gotta humor the parents sometimes right.

It was a bow tie kinda day :)

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