Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hason is TWO!

He's two, Two!

He always does amazing at his appointments.  Such a brave boy.  He lets them check everything without a peep.

He had a shot at this appointment since we are on a extended shot schedule.  Every time he has gotten a shot he cries for a second and that's it!  This time... not at all!! He's so tough, maybe it's cause he has so much meat on those legs.

He's so beautiful inside and out! How'd he get so big.  I still consider him a baby, he doesn't talk much and wears a diaper, that's a baby right.  But since he turned two I guess I can't really say "he's still brand new" anymore (cause I like to tell him that)  So now I say "He's still brand newish"  ; )

Here is what you are up to Hase:

*  Your head is 50cm and 85th percentile 
* You weigh 32.4lbs and in the 90th percentile 
*  Your 36 1/2 inches tall 95th percentile (your daddy loves that!)
* You wear size 5 diapers and Size 2T clothes but can fit into some 3T
* You have become quit a picky eater and actually you don't really eat that much at dinner anymore, not sure if it's the heat of the summer or the age.   I keep trying to give you all those veggies and quinoa though!  One day you will like them ;)
* You like to do everything yourself.  For instance you demand on closing the doors behind you and if we try you get real upset. 
*  You are so strong and have great balance.  Even though you obviously wear a floaty in the pool I can tell you will be a strong swimmer.
*you love babies!
*  You are not a good sharer, we are working on that. 
* Your favorite show by far just like your sister is The Wonder Pets. I just love that!  No other kids adore it like you kiddos do so I've kinda claimed it as "my kids" show :)
* Your favorite songs you request to sing all the time are: Let it go, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Open Shut Them, La La La La Elmo's Song, 
* Your favorite food might be string cheese, you always do a little dance when I pull some out.
*  Just a few weeks before you your 2nd birthday you finally started talking a lot more.  You say things so sweetly  Brielle: Bee el   Lita: Tita  Ariel: yo ee yo  Yogurt: O Goat  Hason:  Shayshon  Banana: Ba

If there is food on the patio he insists on eating it in the pool, yuk!  

He tried to bring his bread in, ugh no!

He tans easier and better than all of us even slathered in sunscreen.  Not sure if it's the Colombian side or Indian side of him. 

Neither kiddos ever took a paci but sometimes I like to give him one to make him look little.

I'm happy to have a side kick now that Brielle will be in school full time. 

He hates splash pads, doesn't like the sudden shock of water being splashed in his face, just like his momma.  But he loves swimming in the pool!

He sat with me the whole time while sister played.

Don't you dare leave a drop of milk!

He has a thing for stuffing things like crayons into water bottles.

He is a very well behaved 2 year old most of the time.  He is definitely more defiant than his sister was but even then he isn't "hard"  he's a pretty easy kid to raise.  The things he does are normal two year old things.  On this particular day I took them to Home Goods and let them walk with me instead of getting a buggy.  Brielle did great of course but so did Hason, he followed me around the whole time and just touched few things here and there.  He makes me so proud.

He loves his Dada and has gotten more and more fond of him every day.  When Landon gets home he doesn't have a second to even put his stuff down or change.  Hason insists on holding him immediately and not putting him down.

Always a car in each hand.

He adores Brielle and always greets her with a big ole hug in the morning.  He thinks she's so funny doing her tricks in the pool.

A car imprint from napping with them haha.

My dear son I am so incredibly thankful you are mine.  Two years later and I still feel giddy I have a boy!  Thank God he gave you to me!  I am head over heals fiercely in love with you.  You are already such a clown, you are caring and love hugs and kisses and make sure to give them out constantly.  You know you are the baby and you like you're role.  When you want something you will crawl on the couch to me, get right in my face and say "mom" in the sweetest softest voice I've ever hear and give me the kindest precious moment eyes and it's all over from there, whatever you're asking of me you get.   My prayers for you "and your sister" every night is that you will always be healthy and grow old.  That you marry a God fearing loving woman who respects you.  That your wife and kids will be healthy.  And last but definitely not least that you will love Jesus with all your heart, that you follow him always and have a solid relationship with the Lord, cause what else matters except for physical health, a good solid marriage and God.  If you grow up and love Jesus I will be the proudest mommy in the whole world and will feel that my work here is done.  I will finally breathe a sigh of relief.   You are my everything.  Thank you for everything! 

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