Sunday, August 9, 2015

Our Beloved Grandad

I cannot believe I am sitting here having to write another shitty post like this 3 months after Landon's poppy passed away. Landon's Granddad had been sick for a couple months, they finally decided to take him home to in home hospice.  A few days after he went home we got a call from Landon's sister Kaytie saying we needed to get there asap.  So the next morning bright and early we ran around with our heads cut off to get in the car and hit the road.  We were racing the clock and praying to Jesus we made it in time to see him before he passed.

We were hoping he would hold on another week so we didn't have to take the kids with us.  Hason is pretty hard to take on long road trips right now but we didn't have that kinda time.  I cannot tell you how great this trip went.  The kids were the BEST they had ever been. Not a peep, not a cry. That was definitely the Lord's hand on us that day.  He new we needed a stress free trip.  It was also the quickest trip we ever had to Amarillo.  Not only did we not stop but it felt short too.   Thank you Jesus!

When we got there we walked in and Granddad definitely knew we were by his side.  He tried to say something but it came out mumbled jumbled. He couldn't open his eyes but his body language said it all, he was happy we were there.  That was the only moment from the time we arrived that we saw him that alert.  I   Grandmomma took us back to their closet to show us how organized Granddad was.  Look at all his beautiful pressed jeans.  That night Kaytie, Landon and I all sat up and had the
best talk with Grandmommy.  She opened up about her younger years with Grandad and told us some funny things about their relationship.   Even though we wished the it was under different circumstances that we were there talking till the late hours, it was a night we will always cherish.

She always wore the prettiest pearl snap shirts.

Grandmom decided she wanted the funeral to be at the church across from their home which so happened to be the church I grew up in, was baptized in and married in.  Landon and I got to meet with our youth pastor who also married us to arrange the details for the funeral.  It was a real treat to spend an hour with these two.  They mean so much to us. 

Then we went back to the house and we all took turns sitting by Granddad's side.  He was never alone even for a second.   When the end got near we all gathered in his room and watched him take his last breath on July 10th 2015.  I was present for someones last breath...a very surreal moment, I don't think we will ever be able to wrap our heads around that.  We were all praying so hard for God to take him so he didn't have to suffer anymore.  The moment was more than heartbreaking.  Grandmom's brother Sunny was also in the room with us, along with Landon's mom, sister, aunt and Grandad's two sisters and of course Grandmommy.  Right when Grandad was gone Sunny went to the end of his bed, and stood as tall as he could and gave him a proper military salute.  So much respect wrapped up in that one little moment.  Oh how we cried.  It was one of the most beautiful rawest things I'd ever seen.  I never thought it would hurt so much to lose a grandparent.  He was a beautiful strong man.  We are forever changed by that moment. 
How in the world did we lose these two exactly 3 months apart.  It hurts, it hurts really bad.  I now they weren't my official grandpa's but I sure felt like they were, they've been in my life for 16 years.

This baby gave us some light in a time of darkness with his silly little ways and he also distracted us with his fits.

The kiddos didn't spend much time at the house.  We didn't want them to see Granddad like that.  So they got to see Gigi and Gannpa a lot, which they loved!  Grandpa was teaching Hason an honest days work.

We were back and forth at Grandmommy's the whole weekend.  We spent almost all our time there.  These are their sweet little neighbors who brought us food every day.  How kind of them.  They have only been married for 3 years, isn't that sweet and bless his heart if he didn't just lose his great granddaughter just a few days before.  She was only 21 and had a 7 month old baby, but he and his wife were still there for us even though they were grieving too.   :( We were surrounded by so much sadness and love that weekend.

Grammy and Carol also stopped by and brought us so much stuff that we truly needed like stamps!  If anyone understood how we felt it was them since we had all gone through this just a few months earlier. 

Kaytie and Landon went through picture album after picture album getting photos for the slide show that would be played at the funeral.  We found this little gem.

Kaytie also got Grandmommy to bring out all her scarves.  They were beautiful, she even had a vintage Christian Dior that once belonged to her mom (Kaytie's great grandma)

Brielle and Hason had been to Blue Sky, and she knows it's Landon's favorite place to eat so she stuffed a few fries into a small condiment cup to bring to him.  That completely melted his heart!  He couldn't believe how sweet she was for thinking of him like that.  But in a way he wasn't surprised.  It's totally like her to be so giving and thoughtful

Sno cone time!

We saw more shenanigans in those 10 minutes we were at that sno cone stand than I've ever seen before.  First these teenage kids thought it would be funny to throw their empty cups into the parking lot.  I hate litterers so yes I called them out and made them look like idiots.  Then we saw this lady walking through the parking lot with bright red hair.  All the sudden a suv came outta no where and almost hit her.  Then we hear yelling and realize the guy inside knows her, either her boyfriend or husband.  Either way he jumped out and ran up to her like he was gonna beat her.  He held back his anger (maybe cause I yelled at him, I couldn't help it, I freaked out) or maybe cause he realized he was in public but either way he didn't hit her but stupid women go back in the car with him and I know he was taking her home to let her have it there.  So incredibly sad.  Then here comes this kid on this thing.  I swear it was a circus in the United parking lot.

Handsome fella,

So Kaytie had been going back and forth at Grandmom's for a week now.  She had noticed two scooters in the mud at a construction sight right by their house.  She was quit annoyed that these kids didn't take care of their stuff....

So after a week and a half of them sitting there... we may or may not have decided to take them.  Well, they had it coming right.

Oh Amarillo, we even got to see the Confederate flag protest/petition whatever you call it while we were there.

It was definitely hard to believe we were back at the same funeral home we were just at for Poppy's funeral.  Doesn't seem fair but we know it is, They both lived full lives and it was their time.  Just sucks to lose them both at once.

Wasn't he a looker!

After the viewing at the Funeral home a few of us went and had dinner together, and like most annoying restaurants in the summer it was FREEZING in there.  I despise eating in a really cold restaurant!  Any who good thing Grandma and I just happened to  have our gangsta sweaters in the car.  Ha, she's so fun!

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