Saturday, August 8, 2015

Keepin the Love

We haven't been to Hurricane Harbor since we moved here,  It used to be our usual place to go when we visited Dallas back in the day. we finally went and it was a bit disappointing. The lines were waaay too long and the crowd was a bit "rough". I think we will be sticking to the smaller water parks from now on. It wasn't worth the price to ride 5 rides in 4 hours, but we loved being together none the less. 

I really just went for the nachos. They are our fav! 
Ready for date night. We feel so lucky to have my mom close to keep the kids so we can have our alone time together.

The next morning we picked up the babies and took them for donuts. 
Landon and I took separate cars since we had left ours at my moms in case she needed it with the car seats. When I was getting out of the car I saw a very handsome guy looking at me. It made me shy but I gave him a sweet smile cause hey it's not everyday a good lookin boy is checking you out. It took me a few seconds to realize that cute guy was Landon haha I forgot we were meeting there and he was wearing sunglasses. He was like "what kind of a look was that, I've seen that flirty little smile before about 16 years ago" lol we couldn't stop laughing, I was busted but at least we know I still think my hubby is extremely cute :) 

Sweet Neely, she will do anything we want her to do.

She started to slow done when she was swimming to the stairs, I thought she was getting tired but that's not like her, until I realized Hason had a hold of her tail haha bless her heart that's a lot of weight to pull. 

Neely adores Landon, you can normally find her staring at him in the face like this begging him to pet her. 

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