Friday, August 14, 2015

Summer Is Not Over Yet

This boy! He loves his momma, especially when she's trying to work. 

He's so silly.

I'm glad I still have a little sidekick now that his sister is in school. She used to be my everyday buddy and I miss having her with me, but at least I've got one more :) 

We did a little shopping in the Shops and lucky for Hase they had the big trucks out working that day.

I thought I would be cool mom and get him a fabulous snack while we were out. That didn't go so well, he was so angry I didn't give him both cookies. Um hello I wanted one too! 

One last time at paradise pond before she's in school.

Now this isn't planking... That's a terrible a twos full on fit. 

All better now...

He thinks he's 8 and wasn't gonna let some random kids get in his way. 

Hason isn't much for splash pads, he doesn't like sudden water in his face, but Brielle enjoys them. 

He just hung out over here by the start button.

If you look closely you can see Hason shoving that older boy. He thought the button was all his. Funny thing is I have a pic of Brielle doing the exact same thing to a kid in the same spot over the same dang button when she was like 3 haha.

Cuddly little things! 

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