Tuesday, August 25, 2015

In Memory of Grandad

Faux bob this morning.

The funeral ended up being held at our old church "Amarillo South"  It was surreal being there because the last time we were all together in that place was 9 years ago for our wedding.  This little gym right here is where it all started and where we used to congregate for church and youth group.  I love this church.  It will forever hold a very special place in my heart.  It is where I found Jesus, was baptized, married and now Granddad's funeral.

Everything was set up beautifully.  I love to think about the peace he has now, he's with Jesus.  He's the lucky one ya know.  

We see his pictures and still cannot believe he is gone.  The stories we have heard about his life make us so proud.  He was  a real man, not many left now a days, don't know about you but I see a lot of lazy, cowards out there.  Anyways, he was strong, kind, very hard working, loyal, trustworthy, handsome, God loving and intelligent beyond belief... if he have had the chance to go to school he would have been something radical.  A true man of integrity and best of all my Landon has inherited many of Granddad's traits and if there was someone he took after the most it was him.  Thank goodness, I could ever be so lucky.

Grandmomma always complained that she never got anything new because he would and could fix anything and everything.  Finally when her refrigerator went out for the 100th time she said enough is enough, I'm getting a new one!  Ha!  He loved things clean and orderly.  He took great care of is belongings because he knew how hard he had to work for them.  His garage was spotless as well as his car.  He wasn't a big spender.  Grandmom said they have always done allowances.  Kinda like Dave Ramsey says you should do.  But Grandad being frugal like he was would only spend $10 here or there.  Before he died he told Grandmomma to go look in on of his boots on top of the closet.  There low and behold was about $2,300 that he had hoarded hahaha! That silly man!  

It's been about 17 years since I've been in a funeral line.  I am so amazed at how people still pull over to show their respect.  It means so much for total strangers to acknowledge your loved one.  I wish I could have told all those people that.

Then you have these guys who actually got out of their truck.  Heartwarming!

Landon was a pallbearer of course along with his Uncle Art and cousin Nick and Kaytie's Fiance Zac.

That graveside ceremony though!  Since Grandad had served our country they did a military style burial.  I'd never seen one before but damn does it make you so incredibly proud to be an American and live in this Country.  We really are the best.  I feel immensely blessed to have been born here.  Watching them fold our flag and salute each other, priceless. 

We enjoyed Grandad's siblings a lot while there were there.  This is uncle Tab his brother and quite the silly little man he is.  He was even annoying his sister during the ceremony ha.  Gave me some comic relief.

Aunt Daisy, what can we say about her except that she reminded us so much or Grandad.  Her mannerisms and even her looks resembled him so much.  She is a very precious lady.

Our poor sweet Grandmomma.  62 two years together and it wasn't enough.... it WASN'T ENOUGH!  I cannot even being to fathom.  They didn't just love each other.  They were still madly in love.  You don't meet many couples like that years later.  They were best friends, did everything together and everything to serve each other the best way they could.  Quite a testament for marriage and love and it put a spark in Landon and I even more to want to make it as long as they did.  What a beautiful true love story to be told.  They really are the Notebook but in real life.  I wanna be the Notebook too.
Grandad we love you with all our heart!  You have left a legacy and big shoes to fill.  We are honored to be your family.  We are proud to call you ours.  Till we meet again.  

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