Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rhys release

My friend Rhys is one of 5 getting married this summer.  We have been outta wedding season so long I'm thrilled to get to do this again!  Her bachelorette party was an all day event.  I had to work till noon so I didn't get to meet up with them till the pool party.  I was especially bummed about that because at brunch they got to meet Sean from the bachelor and he is my favorite!! It would have been hilarious to send a pic of me and him to Landon!

Coolest view!  I Love this city!

We spent half the day up there on the NYLO roof top pool.

Then it was back to the room and while everyone else started to get ready I literally fell asleep for a quick nap.  I tell ya I cannot hang anymore and I'm ready to go home by midnight.  Natalie is one of my favorite people, she's so kind, always gets us together for girls nights and always has the cutest clothes!  She did an amazing job getting everything together for this party.  I have always felt so blessed in the friend department, I feel like I have had the privilege of always having the greatest friends and knowing some of the nicest people. 

Lingerie time!

If you know me you know I'm not a fan of wearing black. I love black decor for my home but not on me, I find it boring and typical.   We were to wear black and the bride to wear white, I like the idea of the bride standing out but then again... black?  It wasn't until I found this romper at White House Black Market that I was excited about our dress code.  It was so comfortable and could be worn 5 different ways.

A great night with sweet girls.

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