Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fam Fam

It was nice to be home after such a touch week.  I don't think I've cried so many days in a row in my life!  Time with my babies is always good, easy on the heart.

Lucky for me my cousin came into town soon after we got home from Amarillo.  All I wanted after a week like that was to spend time with the ones I love.

White vest kinda night.

All the girls at dinner.

A boy and his dog.

We started a tradition this summer of going out to eat on Tuesdays and Thursday's, for one it's summer so why not and two it gives me a little break from cooking and three there were some great deals going on in summer so the food was cheap.  It wasn't too much of a break though cause I only cook every other day anyway and just eat leftovers the next night, so I just had to lessen our portions.   Cici pizza has quickly become on of our favs. Healthiest... not by a long shot, while taking Brielle to the bathroom I noticed the awesome lighting in there, so yes I took a selfie.  Especially since my arms would no longer look like that after we hit the buffet I wanted to remember the time they did ha.

Gross he dips everything in his water and he loves to fish out the ice with his hands and eat it.

This guy loves his "et it go"  ( he can't say let)  CD just like his sister.  When Olaf's song came on I noticed he had found a couple Olaf's to act out the song haha.  He's such a sweetie.

Then he ate him.  Boys.

Dancing with Elsa.  This is him scolding me to stop singing ha.

I always enjoy having my little sidekicks in the store.

He was upset and crying so of course Brielle goes over to love on him and tell him it's ok and to calm down and just breath she said lol.

This gal got to go to Frozen camp this summer, how fab is that!

Kaytie sent me this super cute pic of my niece dog.   I spotted this mug and just about died, it's not everyday you find something with a patterdale on it!

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