Friday, August 14, 2015

Colombian Time

One thing my mom, aunt and I love to do is bargain shop and that's easy when you have an outlet Dillard's is just a jump hop and a skip away. We had to say no to Yasmin's ugly sweater she found. She seriously thought it was cute. 

Later that evening I had planned on cooking a big Combian meal for my whole family. I've never made an authentic Colombian meal so I was pretty excited to surprise them. My sweet hubby helped me smash the plantains. 

Oh yeah! 

That weekend we also had a Chi Omega Alumni girls night. I love these times! I don't know 98% of the women who show up but it's always a great time. 

Park time is limited to early mornings or late evenings because the heat is unbearable and Hason sweat profusely in 85 degree weather just sitting there haha

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