Sunday, July 3, 2011

Cruise Fun, Post #3, Passion Island!

Our Beautiful Ship! We had no idea what was in store for us in Cozumel! Hands down one of the best places ever all because of the excursion we chose. If you go you have to do the excursion "TWISTER" if you don't you totally miss out and I will feel very sorry for you! It's a little bit of excitement, relaxing, romance and fun all in one trip!


For some reason Landon had no interest taking a picture with the cake, I thought it was cute but he took some convincing.........but wait till we get back from the island, that was a different story ha!

We booked an excursion called the TWISTER, you ride these really fast boats to the island and when they get there they start doing 360's in the water. I was soooo scared and not really looking forward to it, not worth breaking my neck over. Well to my surprise it was sooooo incredibly fun and way safe! Totally worth breaking my neck over ha!

There was one other twister boat that went to the same island and a catamaran. It was awesome cause we beat everybody else there by like 20 or 30 minutes so we had the island all to ourselves. Drinks and food were included with our excursion

Arriving at Passion Island! It was breathtaking!

First in line, we were thirsty!

They say there are typically 1,000 people on the island at one time, this particular day there were only 100!!! How lucky were we!

Did I mention this is were the CORONA COMMERCIALS are filmed! Yea, so it has to be one of the most beautiful beaches ever right! That's why it's called Passion Island!

Mexican food! But not your typical nasty tex mex everything is beans rice and burritos taste the same Mexican food! this was actually delish!

First one on the trampoline!

This is where we ate, pretty awesome there were 100 people on the island and I don't see anyone else but Landon!

Look at all this beauty created by our God, everything he does is perfect!

We had a little visitor, how the heck does a raccoon get out here!

I was super excited about the raccoon, I think I got a little to close a couple
of times

Talk about paradise!

That's Landon's footprint on the right, apparently he thought it would be fun to take a giant leap to imprint it, that's my pretty imprint on the left

Tired out from playing on the inflatables, I got video of him running across

The water was warm, it was perfect!

They had floaties and canoes you could take out into the ocean

A little crab friend we found

Crab kisses!


Back on the port and ready to party, that's what we're told you do in Cozumel!

One of the break dancers, he was so cute and little!

Hey! It's Cozumel!

Look how adoringly he's looking at her! ha!

Her and that crazy whistle!

Our boat drivers, Whoo hoo for boat #2

One of two comedians on the ship! He was hilarious, right up there with Dane Cook in my opinion!

Taking a picture with the cake seemed so much more fun the second time around haha! This is one of my favorite pictures of Landon by the way, he looks like a little boy!

silly little old people wearing matching outfits

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