Friday, June 29, 2012

Good Day Chap...The Thomas' Are In Town!

My Aunt, Uncle and Cousin were all passing through town after picking Sasha up from church camp.  I took them to eat on the Square in Highland Village which is so cute.
Mark and Yasmin

Brielle and her Mimi

It was so nice having them in town.  They are wanting to move away from Amarillo so I drove thme around some areas in hopes and prayer that they move close to me!!! None of my family wants to live in somewhere in my heart of hearts I felt by us moving to a bigger better city we could all live close together again someday soon.  If we are all gonna move away from Amarillo we might as well move to the same place!
I want that more than anything!

Have I mentioned lately I am fed up with our living situation.  It would only be half as bad if we didn't have to share the place with my moms stuff that was already here, and if my dog didn't get fleas every other day!!! So disgusting!  I literally spend my days looking for houses and looking for fleas!
We just want a house sooo bad, but I'm not willing to settle either...I want what I want.

There's nowhere to put anything!!! AAHHH makes me so crazy!!!

Our sleeping situation. One big happy family all in the same room.

My clothes, Landon's clothes and my moms clothes....drives me nuts!

We have a contract on a house.......but it doesn't look good...the air conditioners are 18 years old, yes 18!!! We have asked them to replace them but pretty sure that's not gonna happen and we refuse to do it soooo back to the drawing board I'm sure.  We'll know something in the next couple of days.
The Gann family needs a vacation!!!!

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