Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween Preschool Parade

Hason and I on our way to Brielle's preschool Halloween parade and party.

Big boy almost holding that bottle up...that probably won't happen for quite a few more months but I was proud non the less :)

Handsome fella....he looks like a Fella in that hat to me haha.

Well now that's just flat out rude...and I feel the same way about your sleeping habits!

Let the parade begin!  I'm such a sap. Anything like this makes me cry...and I was the crazy mom with a baby in my lap, a camera phone in one hand and the video camera in the other trying to take pictures and film at the same time.  Her teacher couldn't stop laughing at how Brielle walked during the parade...She totally had the princess walk down, Arms to her side but not touching her dress and hands tilted up. I didn't even tell her to do that, she's seen one to many princess movies.

A couple of moms planned a cute little party for the kids.  I so desperately wanted to volunteer but I'm afraid with Hason it might have been a bit much on my plate.  I loooove Christmas and don't think I can stand to not help out with that party!  I want to be really involved with my kids schools and know whats going on.  I'm kinda nosy like that :)

The children loved the gummy worms that were frozen into the ice.

They each got a pumpkin cookie and fruit to make his face! I was so glad they used fruit and not candy!

As we were leaving and I was buckling Brielle into her car seat I caught a good glimpse of myself in the window.  My oh my have I started to get some wrinkles around my eyes. (they look worse than this picture leads you to believe)  I swear the stress of a newborn and no sleep has aged me quickly.  I'm really upset about this cause I didn't think I'd have to worry about this stuff till I turned this is another thing to add to the things I need fixed and want done, sad day.  I've seen women before and thought they were a certain age until  the got close up to talk to me and then I think ..."wow she's older than I thought" .....I may be one of them now WAAAHHHH!  

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