Saturday, November 9, 2013

Money for Candy

I've decided Hason is easy enough to take out now so we are going to start library time again with Brielle.  Not sure if I will take Hason this year for baby time but for sure when he's around 7 or 8 months old we will start! Can't wait! Mommy and me at the library were some of my favorite memories with Brielle, we went religiously every Thursday!!

He was very well behaved the whole time.

Remember the dentist who would buy back your candy.  Well after library time we headed up there to collect our money.  Not only did they give us cash but a goody bag filled with kid toothpaste, a toothbrush, free meal to chick fil a, free cookie at Mcalisters and a couple other things! How cool is that.  I told Landon I was so impressed with the staff and the office that I wanted to start going to them since I hadn't found a dentist yet.  Well turns out that is who he went to last year haha.  Good choice!

Wowzers! 6 whole dollars!

Conveniently for us Dollar Tree was just across the street.  (Nothing here is more than about 5 minutes from my house!)

Dollar tree has improved in their toys if you ask me, back in the day you couldn't get actual Disney theme things.

Enjoying her free Chick Fil A!  Her gift certificate said "a good deed never goes unnoticed." 

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