Sunday, November 3, 2013

Brielle's 4th Birthday Party

Welcome to Brielle's Puppy Paw-ty

Hason with his beautiful Nonna

Love this girl so much.  The older they get the more fun it is to talk to them about their birthdays.  It just fills my heart with joy to see her feel so special and loved.  She deserves the moon this one!

3 sweet little cousins

So incredibly thankful for my mom, aunt, sister and cousin who all showed up super early to help me decorate and set up!  I was so happy to see them. (we did have one hiccup  when my keys accidentally got locked in the car along with all the party supplies, luckily Landon had an extra key)
That is all I'm going to post here because apparently my computer has gone bat _ crazy and it won't post more than 20 pictures per update...when I do that's when you get the stupid box with the X and no photo.  I'm bout to take a bat to this thing, office space style I'm so mad, sick of wasting my time on blog posts that don't show up.

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