Sunday, November 3, 2013

After Party

After a day of fun kid stuff for B's birthday us 3 sisters went out to eat and celebrate a little on their own.  This just might be me but I think moms should get a little something on the kids birthdays every year...after all we were the ones who went through labor and csections and survived another year as a parent right! lol.

BJ's is quickly becoming one of our fav places to hang out and they have a really good beer selection.  I don't normally drink beer but theirs are so good.

Their appetizers are too good to half to get an entree.

We made a few new friends...that's the photo bomber guy.

We had to get home early so Landon could  pick up his sister from the airport and we gave her a grand welcome when she arrived!

We continued our little party at home.

So in the very near future I have a plan to take pictures of all the outfits I can put together from the clothes in my closet.  I hate standing in there trying to think of something to wear and thinking I have nothing.  How much easier would it be if I had photos to choose from...It would be like my own personal pinterest.

I don't know how other people do their clothing boards on pinterest but I am not a fan of pinning cute stuff  just to stare at it and wish I had it...I don't pin things I'm never going to get or don't already have.  So when I need an outfit idea for example, and I have a pair of blue pants...I will search blue pants and see what it comes up with...then I'll try to find an outfit with items that I already have but didn't think to put it together that way.  So its exciting for me to go through my pins because I'll  already have a very similar piece or only need buy one thing to complete it.  I would find it depressing and overwhelming to have a board full of stuff I needed to buy.  It's awesome to find outfits in my closet I never knew I had, all thanks to pinterest making my life easier, I don't have time to think up all my outfits on my own anymore :)

I'm in love with this Michael Kors blazer my sister gave me and I'm very happy to announce that I can fit into my pre pregnancy pants again 3 1/2 months out!!! I still have about 5lbs to lose but now worries cause bikini season is still faaaar away! I just hope all this looseness in my belly and thighs goes back to normal, sheesh your skin gets so stretched out!  I feel like I look way better sooner this time around and the only difference is that last time I had a csection.

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