Monday, November 4, 2013

Princess Cinderella And The Trunk Or Treats

This is the cheapest costume I've bought Brielle so far and this is the year she wore it the most. I love having more than one night to celebrate and use the costumes!
My beautiful Princess!

Her Dr. office had a small trunk or treat out in their parking lot.

Doesn't her hair look amaze! I did that all by fake bun holder.

How awesome is this kid!!!

Her hair even stayed put in the bounce house!

She was excited to try cotton candy for the first time! I told the guy to give her just a little and that is what she got.  I don't' call that a little.

Somebody was so good through the whole ordeal.  My kids are pretty stinking well behaved in public thank goodness.

Then a friend of mine said that our grocery store Kroger was also having a trick or treat at their store.
Coolest supermarket ever she thought!

Her new thing is coloring stuff in rainbow.

This was one of the employees manning the coloring stations...what a coincidence right!

Even Mr. Clean thought it was funny!

She even got to decorate and take home a cookie!

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