Monday, November 11, 2013

Levi's 3rd Birthday!

Brielle's little cousin Levi turned 3 on Nov 1st.  His party was a the Gainesville zoo.  The zoo, location and park all reminded me of Thompson Park and our zoo back in Amarillo.
How cute is his cupcake Cake!

I remember meeting this little boy for the first time and just staring at him as he lay on the floor.....and Emily picking up and turning his head the opposite way cause he always favored one side and we didn't want a flat head now did we :)

How cute are these! Now that took some time!

Chloe in one of Brielle's outfits...bittersweet.

Brielle loves him so much!

They had an animal encounter just for our party group.  The kids got to hear about the animals and even pet them.

The most fun part was getting to feed the giraffes!

I was just a tad bit excited.

Brielle, Uncle Brent and Tifie
 After the party we went back to the Coleman's place 

The boys decided to go fishing.

This was Brielle's first time fishing.  

I was a little sad it was just the boys going (and besides Hason would have been annoying to take)  cause it was Landon and Brielle's first daddy daughter fishing  trip and I wanted to get pictures and be there for the moment...cause that's kinda a big moment :) Isn't that what daddies dream of?

Then it was the girls turn to have some fun....they boys watched all the kids while we went shopping!

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