Thursday, November 21, 2013

Animals In Action

A couple weekends ago we had planned to go to a Museum but the weather was so phenom we couldn't pass up a day outside considering we don't know how many more we have left. Landon hadn't been to the Ft Worth Zoo since the week we moved here so that's where we went. I went two weeks before giving birth to Hason, little did I know I was that close to having him, no wonder I was so miserable and felt like he was gonna fall out haha.  Anything to spend my last days as a mom of one with my beauty.

The animals were in action that day, we got so see some cool stuff, look how close to the glass this guy was!

My boys in their matching shirts! LOOOOVE IT!

We got to see the tiger swim! He got in there more than once, it was so neat.  Tigers are Landon's fav.

When we got on the train the employees told us we had to empty our stroller and put it in a repeater car folded up....are you kidding you know how much loose crap we had!! Needless to say Landon and I weren't happy.  We started pulling everything out and were having so much trouble, Landon's nice sunglasses fell off the top of his head and the lenses popped out, we couldn't get the stroller to close, we were trying to stuff everything into Hason's car seat all the while Brielle yelling..."I want to sit in that one!" over and over and over...while everyone was waiting on us.  Good Lord were we flustered.  In frustration I yelled "Shut Up" which I never do.  After we got on and settled it was a fun little family ride.  We just had to laugh cause we didn't realize it at the time but when I yelled shut up the entire bus got quiet lol oops!  I was that crazy mom, it's ok..I don't feel that bad, I haven't slept in almost 5 months and the fact that Landon the "calm" one was just as annoyed makes me feel like I wasn't outta line :)


This was the coolest part of all...this Eagle had just gotten a rat and was eating it right above our heads! How stinkin awesome is that! Watch out for the dropping body parts!

So long zoo....Until next year.  (I'll have a little stinker running around then, can't wait)

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