Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hason Is 4 Months Old!

Hason you are 4 months old!

Things have been a little easier this past month (envision my finger and thumb almost touching) .  He is however hitting the 4th leap of the wonder weeks and that is a tough one...there so much going on and maturing in that little brain that it's hard on all of us.  He still hates sleep and he is hard to put to sleep and hard to keep asleep.  We have high hopes that after this month we should be on a downward slope and it should be smooth sailing!   Or maybe that's just wishful thinking ;)  I'm also gonna try a strict schedule this next week or two and see if it makes a difference and invest in some ear plugs.

He loves to push up the tray on his swing like this! I find it awfully cute and he concentrates so hard on it haha.  It's his little game.

*you weigh a whopping 17lbs 9oz! You are in the 90th percentile for weight.  The size of a 8 month old I believe.  You are 25 3/4 in long, 80th percentile for height. your head is in the 93rd ha but proportionate to your body :)
*I'm not sure if I posted this last time but we moved you to your own room at 3 months of age to see if it helped the sleeping situation, it didn't.  
*you rolled over closer to 3 months from belly to back and did it a lot for about 2 days but haven't done it since...lazy little thing you.
*you've really come to enjoy your swing which is good cause we didn't get much use outta it with your sister :) but you are pretty much over your bouncer
*You've started laughing out loud when you think something is funny. (that started at about 3 1/2 months).  If someone is sitting in the back seat  with you, you will just giggle and laugh at them, it's the sweetest thing! You also laugh really hard when being tickled...best little sound in the world!
* We aren't going to do rice cereal but we did start you on some oatmeal here and there.  You didn't seem to like it or hate it.
*you're getting really good with your hands when it comes to reaching for things and picking them up.
*we are weaning you from the swaddle by leaving one arm out..you are doing pretty good with that.  You like to sleep with that one arm draped over your eyes, it's so sweet.
*You are hard to put to sleep... we have to stand by your crib and pat and shush you. On a really good day you seem to take a 30 min nap in the morning, a 2 hour nap from about 11:30 to 1:30 and then a 30 minute nap in the evening.  You did have an 8 hour stretch a couple weeks ago, but it was a one time thing...you are waking about every 3 hours with a 6 hour stretch here and there (only had about 3 of those, sigh).
*You recognize mom and dad and get excited when you see us coming, you also recognize a bottle and know exactly what it's for.

Someone has learned how to pick things up and put them in his mouth.

You seem to really enjoy your toys

Vogue baby! 

We have even caught you pulling those legs up into crawling position, look at that sweet little plumbers crack!

Your sister adores you and you her.

I kinda don't want to mention this but when you grow up and this happens to you I want you to know it's ok....It happens to a lot of parents.
I let you roll off the couch...yup...mom of the year...you were ok...good thing you're squishy.

Mom of the year here in my sleep deprived state started to put you in your sisters car seat after leaving your 4 month appointment. I had your paci attached to my shirt and if it wasn't for me looking for the hood on your car seat to reattach it to I may have not noticed you were in the wrong one! Dear Lord!
(you were worried for just a second)

Then you thought it was funny...
 On Nov 5th Hason was 4 months old.... it was also a year to that day that we found out we were pregnant with him!!! It was also the day me and Landon met 14 years ago.  Blessed day for sure! How time flies!

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