Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pumkin Patch

After Chuck E Cheese we too B to the pumpkin patch.  It doesn't even come close to being as cool as the one in Amarillo.  Everyone here thinks its awesome, that's cause they don't know any better ha.

Can you believe Sherry Ann has ever been to a pumpkin patch.  Except for those that are set up outside the supermarkets which I would hardly consider a patch.

Last year we waited for ever in the line to ride the ponies and when it finally came her turn she wasn't having it.  This year she rode them all by herself, I'm so proud but so sad at how fast she has grown up.

Little B was so brave and rode every ride!

That grin was from the sight of his sister walking by :) melts my heart he just adores her.

I can't wait for her to have a little riding buddy next year!

We are blessed to have two amazing beautiful healthy kids.  That's all that matters.

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