Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pumpkin Village

If you are ever in Dallas in the Fall you must stop at the Dallas Arboretum.  It's amazing especially all the pumpkins!  Wednesdays are buy one get one free days too!
It was really cloudy that day and we were nervous we might get rained on but made the trip anyways.

Since the weather was iffy we were practically the only people there.

 How cute is this pumpkin flower!


Next year I'll be lucky to get a picture of him sitting still!

There were squirrels scurrying about everywhere! I don't remember that from last time! We couldn't stop laughing at how sneaky they were and pretty unafraid of people too.  They were to busy collecting treasures.

We were very intrigued by them as you can tell. Caught this one itching his little face :)

We spotted all sorts of squirrels....We saw the typical fox squirrel of West Texas....

A black and white striped squirrel....... 
A gray squirrel getting a little drink.....
(a group of tourists totally walked by as she was splashing about baahaa!)

And a rare Colombian squirrel........
(she almost didn't play our game...but we convinced her by telling her to balance on the rock like she was doing yoga, that got her haha)

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